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There are many Websites out there to help you advertise Los Angeles cars for sale. Some charge for advertising; some are free. If you are selling a car – or selling cars for a living – you likely know and can name most of them already.
BUT, can you name ANY Website specializing in cars for sale in our area alone? Right, there aren’t any. The car buyers you’re looking for however live and shop for cars in Los Angeles area… Wouldn’t it be better to attract local buyers and conduct the transaction securely, in person?
When you’re selling a car, finding the right – and preferably LOCAL – buyer quickly is essential!
Los Angeles Cars Online is a LOCAL Website serving Greater Los Angeles area, only. You might say that Los Angeles Cars Online is Los Angeles alternative to Craigslist for cars for sale. Without the restrictions. Without the stress. With $1 flat fee per ad.

With seven years of history behind us, we’re transitioning to this new format and Website. Obviously, the sooner you start advertising your car for sale here the MORE attention your ad will get. It won’t disappear among a million other listings, quickly. It will get promoted to our many followers on social networks… It’s a win-win; SMALLER – and LOCAL! – IS BETTER!

Relax and advertise a car for sale on Los Angeles Cars Online! You’ll get comprehensive listings, multiple pictures, Google map, excellent search filters, and more: all of it for $1.00!

How does it work?

  • 1 ad for 10 days = $1
  • no frequency limits
  • no posting limits
  • no “flagging” / no “ghosting”
  • no phone verification required
  • equality: the same rules for ALL (individuals AND business owners)
  • easy interface to edit, delete or renew ads
  • no unwanted emails (just save your login!)

Advertising a car for sale takes work, time and – in most cases – money. With Los Angeles Cars Online, Los Angeles alternative to Craigslist for cars for sale, you’re in charge: you’ll be able to edit, delete and renew your ads, easily. No stress. No restrictions. Legitimate ads don’t get kicked out. So go ahead: advertise a car for sale in Los Angeles area!

Register and START advertising a car for sale now: time is money!

P.S. Keep notes while registering! We send very few emails: there’ll be no junk emails! Simply register, login and list!